Ella Webber on 21/10/2019
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As part of our Member Spotlight, I sat down with one of our newest members, Maria Botta. Maria&rs...
Natalie Deller on 21/10/2019
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As a coworking community, we are always looking for new ways to support our members and ensure th...
Natalie Deller on 11/10/2019
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In our consumer-centric world, we are using twice as many material goods today as we did 50 years...
Ella Webber on 09/10/2019
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So, you’ve heard about “Coworking” and have decided to delve a little deeper. I...
Ray Berry on 07/10/2019
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OneCoWork is in no way perfect. In fact, we are far from it. We do not claim to be the largest, m...
Natalie Deller on 04/10/2019
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As a coworking space we have a huge responsibility to lead the way in which the world works. We w...
Natalia Gochicoa on 23/09/2019
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The life of an Intern at OneCoWorkHow I ended up at OneCoWork is a bit different from how the res...
Natalie Deller on 20/09/2019
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As the sunglasses are switched for umbrellas and the emails start to fly into your inbox once aga...
Natalie Deller on 13/09/2019
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The coworking craze has spread through the working world, becoming a hype on our social media th...
Ray Berry on 03/09/2019
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As we grow, our members grow with us. As our members grow, their business grows with them. As bus...
Ray Slater Berry on 30/08/2019
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Golden Boy was my Everest, in some senses it still is. Every time I think I have peaked, the mist...
Ray Berry on 23/08/2019
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Let’s be honest, there’s a ton of hype on coworking right now. It’s a hot topic...
Ray Berry on 20/08/2019
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Here at OneCoWork, we’re constantly trying to provide our team with new opportunities for p...
Ray Berry on 14/08/2019
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At OneCoWork we’re proud when our members are proud, we are joyful when they are joyful and...
Ray Berry on 14/08/2019
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As you know, community is at the heart of OneCoWork. The community we’ve built at OneCoWork...
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